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Cody James is a New York based artist. He received a Bachelor's degree in studio art from Queens College. Through the connections he made at Queens, he was invited to attend the competitive Chautauqua Institute; a summer residency where a community of people fund the creative arts. Artists can experiment with their creative process and meet and work with other artists to help strengthen their artistic goals. Upon completion of his degree, Cody went on to continue his artistic endeavor in different areas. Selling artwork at comic cons and fairs, participating in group shows, selling on ecommerce platforms, making works for private clients, and painting murals. Today, Cody currently has a studio on Long Island and continues to push his artistic capabilities. His future goals are painting murals across the world and having his own show in NYC. 


Cody specializes in many different styles. His preferred medium is spray paint.He creates intricate works using a technique of spraying simple shapes very lightly, layering into an identifiable subject. The layers weave in and out of each other creating an effect similar to layered glass. Cody has always been fascinated by process, not just end result. Using this application helps show the viewer an inside look into the creative labor process. This effect can also give the subject a lot of vibrancy and energy, even when the subject is in a stationary position. Cody's vision is to continue using this technique into the future. Experimenting with color, gradients, and eventually applying it to abstract work. 

Cody also enjoys drawing. Drawing in a way that contrasts his spray paint work, he uses only ballpoint to design the image. By applying the pen in a very aggressive manner it helps to create motion in the final drawing. He says "I've always been inspired by works that were very raw in their execution. incorporating the looseness of sketchbook drawings." Using this intense method, the image produces a lot of energy and creates a distinguishable image through the chaos.

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