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var·​i·​a·​tion | \ ˌver-ē-ˈā-shən

A solo dance in classic ballet

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The first variation learned by many classical ballerinas on pointe is Bluebird from the ballet Sleeping Beauty, by Tchaikovsky.  Though not often performed before an audience, learning this choreography marks a dancer’s transition from serious student to practical performer.  The choreography itself is relatively simple, there are no difficult turns or jumps.  But the technique necessary to perform this piece beautifully, is undeniable.  If you watch a Prima Ballerina perform it, you would never know that it is the first variation taught to young women, because in ballet every step, every motion, every movement has to be made to look as though it is done effortlessly.  And the beauty of the ballerina in motion herself will always outshine the choreography and the time and practice it took to get her there. 

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This piece represents the physical, pain-staking journey a dancer takes before professionalism. The detail and time taken on the foundation/background, and the fleeting moments of the performance itself, with Bluebird actually danced on the canvas in white and yellow paint.